Sunday, September 25, 2016

DIY holiday apron

diy holiday apron - Lorrie Everitt Studio

I am taking part in the latest Makeful Challenge using a white apron that I received in the mail. Call me old fashion but I still love receiving notes and packages in the mail. When I received my apron a couple of weeks ago I knew that I would need to keep my project simple so I could fit it into my busy work schedule. 

Here's how I created my apron. The apron challenge was inspired by Jacob's Creek Wines. I decided to add a cute holiday saying and some simple illustrations using a paint pen.

diy holiday apron - Lorrie Everitt Studio

My first step was to draw out my lettering and cooking utensil illustrations to scale on plain paper. And yes, I do consider a cork screw to be a cooking utensil, although the wine I open does not always get added to the food. 

Then I cut out the words and illustrations so I could move them around and figure out where I wanted everything to be on the apron. I liked the idea of the utensils popping out of the pockets and I was able to arrange them so they didn't get too close to the saying at the top.

diy holiday apron - Lorrie Everitt Studio

I traced my design onto the apron using a black Sharpie paint pen. As you can see above, it was easy to see through the apron material and trace the  design. I taped the papers and apron to my working surface so they wouldn't move as I worked.

diy holiday apron - Lorrie Everitt Studio

Here's a close up of the finished design. 

Tip: If you don't feel that your hand lettering is good enough, you can type your words out on your computer using whatever fonts you would like. Just remember to size your lettering so it  will fit the space on your apron. 

diy holiday apron - Lorrie Everitt Studio

You can find my apron project on my Makeful profile page. All of the apron challenge projects will be up and live tomorrow. 

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